Tired of junk search results? Get Firefox!

UPD!A simpler solution for Google & Yahoo, install GooglePreview extension for Firefox

When you searching, say, for "free porn" (ok, you dont have to admit you did it ;) - more than half of results are junk links redirecting you somewhere.
How can you determine if there is a good looking site beyond the link?
With Firefox you can preview all the links at ANY site!

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Install free Firebug extension and restart Firefox. Dont forget to enable Firebug after installation (Tools -> Firebug -> uncheck "Disable Firebug").
  3. Go to the www.snap.com and click that green button "Sign Up Now"
    (I can see it only in Firefox, I dont know why)
  4. Click "Continue"
  5. Fill forms with you email and type google.com or yahoo.com as "your" site URL
  6. Finally, you'll get a small JS code for "your" site ;) Copy it and save in text file
  7. Now, go to google.com (yahoo, etc), search whatever you want and press F12 to open Firebug on search result page.
    Locate any script element inside head, right-click it and choose "edit HTML"
    Delete content of element and paste (Ctrl+V) code from snap.com saved at step 6
  8. You should see something like this
  9. wait a few seconds and you'll see small icons on links. Now you can mouseover links and see bubbles with previews.

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