Prevent SWF files from being decompiled back into FLA format

ASVGuy::SWFBlog: The SWF - Flash Decompilers Problem
At the very least, preventing the SWF format from being so open would ... can contact burak or use asv with their serial to get the fla back.therefore its ...

gotoAndPlay Flash Tutorials -- How to protect SWFs from decompilers?
Open-format means SWF files are not exclusively produced by Flash. ... So, many try their best to prevent ASV 4 to decompile the script into actionscript or ...

Do you know that your flash work can be theft? - Fireworks MX Zone
SWF is an open-format, that’s why some tools exist that can re-engineer your .swf file back to a .fla with every shape, resource and even actionscript. ... SVG: A Sure Bet
For the first time, SWF files, the native format for Macromedia® Flash™ can be ... can decompile SWF to RVML and compile RVML back into native SWF format. ...

converting .swf to .fla [Archive] - FlashMove Forum
Does anyone know of a program that will convert .swf files into .fla files? ... flow of the swf so that it cannot be decompiled into normal action script,

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