Randomly Attached Movie Clips

Macromedia - Developer Center: Creating Movie Clip Subclasses in
Position itself randomly within a the bounceBox movie clip * and move randomly within it. ... the game shapes themselves are randomly attached to the movie. ...

I Miss Behaviors: Code Encapsulation in Flash
The movie clip instance has a script attached to it that's a modest 649 characters:. onClipEvent (load) { dx = random (6) + 5; dy = random (6) + 5; ...

kirupa.com - Animating Dynamic MovieClips, Page 5
The second argument specifies the new name of our attached movie clip. ... For the _alpha property, I am using an expression that picks a random alpha value ...

Renaun Erickson » Static Flash Classes and Loader Dangling Pointers
attached movie clips and provide methods to delete all the current movie ... from loading the first time, then not working to just acting really random. ...

A List Apart: Articles: Game Design in Flash 5, Part II: Heroes
Remember how I said that using onClipEvent() scripts attached to our movie clips freed us from the tyranny of timeline-based scripts?

ActionScript Elements Used to Make Games and Toys > Lesson 21
When you move the cursor over the movie clip, it jumps to a random spot on the ... movie clip just off the Stage. The following code is attached to it:

[Flashcoders] why use attachMovie
Any clips inside will keep their handlers which is why _parent is so useful [Stuart S:] imagine you have wanted to duplicate/attach 1 of 100 random...

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